Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Now Moment

Right now, this is it, nothing more.

The belief in a past moment or a future moment is an illusion.....simply a creation of mind.  Notice when mind gets caught in creating scenarios of past or future.  It tries so hard to make believe it is real.  Emotions come in, sometimes very strong emotions, fueling the thoughts,  and the mind believes it all the more.

You are so much more than a thought or a belief.  Who you are is beyond all thoughts, all emotions. You are  pure, fresh awareness.  Leave the thoughts and emotions alone and simply be their witness.  Let them flow, whatever they may be, just as a gentle stream flows by.

Go deeply into this and you will see there never was a you as a separate self, only awareness. No birth, no death.

 Even the concept of a now moment is only a concept.  For there is no now moment, as that would imply there are other moments of time, a past and a future.

There truly is only this. Right now.  Relax into it and see the illusory 'self' vanish.  What you perceive as your world right now is seemingly here for one purpose - for you to awaken.  The invitation is right now.