Thursday, August 12, 2010

Infinite Being Seeks Nothing

The apparent individual self always seeks security.  It's afraid to feel vulnerable, insecure. It's afraid to let go and just be without trying to be a something, or a somebody.   It desperately needs to be an individual . . . a separate individual.  Yet, that is the cause of the seeking, the suffering.

Awakening, or enlightenment,  happens only when the concept of an individual self is out of the way. The idea of a 'you' or a 'me' is only a concept. So, how does one get out of the way of one's self?  By realizing that you are not a self. There is no 'you', nor is there a 'me'. Never has been.

 That what you are seeking you already are!

Here's how the mind functions. As soon as there is ‘me’, there must be ‘other than me’, and that is the seeming separation. That is the cause of all of our problems. When that is understood, what problem is there, if there is no center (a self) to refer it to?



Doreen said...

Hi Diane!

What I have come to realize about this... is that we can tell about it; we 'become' aware withIn ourselves of this... and at the same time... we cannot discuss it...
does that make sense to You?

So, here, on a blog... You "tell"!

Diane said...

Yes, Doreen. The instant 'I' speak (or write) about it, there is appears two, not one. 'I' enter duality in order to speak words. Nothing really happening, though. Just Is-ness. No-body speaking, no-body writing, .....just fingers fingering.....letters spacing......