Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dreaming Your Existence

Paramhansa Yogananda:

 "Give to God not only the good that you do, but also the bad. I do not mean that you should deliberately do things that are wrong. But when you cannot help yourself, because of habits that are too strong, tell your mind that God is performing those actions through you...

It is He, after all, who has dreamed your existence. You have merely hypnotized yourself with the thought of your weaknesses. If you make the Lord responsible for them, it will help you to break the false hold they have on your imagination. You'll find it easier, then, to recognize in yourself the perfect image of God."

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Kordo said...

How interesting... I was just understanding the same thing.
I am a dream of a God. I am not what I seem to be (to me), I am just an illusion that I have created to amuse myself.