Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaving The Present Moment

Leaving The Present Moment

We humans are in some difficulty because we don't know how to stop thinking. Isn't that true? How many people can stop thinking and just be here in silence and Presence? And if you cannot stop thinking, then you cannot be present, for all thinking takes you into the mind.

There is nothing wrong with thinking. There is nothing wrong with entering the world of the mind, as long as you know that you are entering a world of illusion, and you know that only the present moment is the truth of life. Then you can play in the world of time, with your thoughts, memories, and imaginings. Enjoy yourself, but be careful! It is easy to get lost there.

If you identify with any of it, or take any of it too seriously, you will separate yourself from the present moment and the truth of life. You will be abandoning God, love, truth, and the present moment for the illusory world of the mind, filled with distorted memories and false promises.

From an excerpt from the book, Journey into Now

by Leonard Jacobson

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Colleen Loehr said...

Excellent quote, thank you for posting this. It is the "stretch" or separation that occurs between the mental world of thought and the reality of the present moment which causes me to feel "lost" or disconnected. Now the reality of the present moment is clearly felt, and the sense of being "vacuumed" up into the mind eases. This post grounds awareness back in the reality of being here and now.