Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nothing Happening Here


there is only One

all else is illusion

construction in mind

there is nothing happening here

there is only

One Being Awareness

stillness silence perfection

and in the stillness

a breathing perhaps

as if

there is only One breathing

and all this is that breathing

all this is That

we are That

we are that One

yet not -

not even we are One

because there is no we

only One

nothing happening here

despite what it seems

nothing matters


the One breathing

is an Outpouring of

pure blazing compassion

love   forgiveness   beauty   gift

and I find that I am not

who I thought I was

what I have called 'myself'

is nothing - is an idea is

an accretion of memories

attributes patterns thoughts

inheritances habits ideas

which I can look at and say

not I

I am not this

as myself I simply

am not

no self no me has ever existed -



there is nothing happening

nobody here

there is only One


That is what I - is

I Am That

And That is All

and That is the Brilliance

which all this is -

life death love anguish

compassion understanding healing


the Brilliance within

where the Heart opens and there is

Nothing no self no one

only aching beauty

and overwhelming gratitude


        ~ from Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse


Colleen Loehr said...

Powerful words...thank you for posting them.

Kordo said...

It is all AND nothing world :)