Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nobody, NO-BODY - There

What you really want is to have a profound

experience of your own true nature.

At the deepest level, you are compelled to seek

out the true Source of "who" you really are.

The irony, though, is that when you seemingly

arrive at the very core of your Being, there will

be nobody there to greet you.

Who you think you are can't possibly survive

your own awakening.

Nobody can survive it

             - Chuck Hillig, "Seeds for the Soul",
                      Black Dot Publications 2003

1 comment:

Kordo said...

That thing that will never survive it... that thing has never been "being". It was always just "it" :)
Life is indeed a dream. If one wants to compare - in one's dreams one can be a number of different people. Each dream can be different. The same is the feeling of "I". I am you are s/he is we are "I am".
The irony is that there is no need to "return". We are always there, we are always the same "I", in different dreams.
Perhaps "awakened ones" are needed to remind "I" of the reality (so that "I", the Self would not got lost in endless number of dreams).