Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tricky Business.....This Nonduality Stuff

Over the years the broad teaching of nonduality and the word "nonduality" itself have entered the spirituality mainstream and even the general mainstream.

Lives are impacted in different ways. There's a peaceful, holistic, harmonious, Yogic side to nonduality which benefits a person's life. It is more about coherence and oneness. Then there is the jarring and harsh side of nonduality -- the bottom line nonduality -- in which our ego strategies are seen through or split wide open. Knowing who you are requires a cutting away of who you think you are. Practically no one is exempt from that harshness since layers of ego strategy are constantly re-constituting. For living life effectively, I highly recommend the holistic, Yogic type of path. Seeing who your really are, which is the atmosphere in which this effective life is lived (and which it actually is) requires that one question the effective life even while living it.

It's tricky business and only those who have no other choice will engage in it.

     ~from interview with Jerry Katz (author of the book, Essential Writings on Nonduality)

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Colleen Loehr said...

Great post, thank you. And I will check out "Non-duality Magazine."