Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who am I?

    To experience this video, quiet the mind, be patient, and read slowly......

     Miracles, healings, and seemingly magic occurs when we "drop down" from the thinking mind into the Heart, where True Self always is.  But, how can we do this?  Years and years of meditation are NOT necessary!  Right now you can do this! The NOW is the NOW, the PRESENT.....this place (that isn't a place at all) is all that exists, so if this is so great and easy, how can we enter this NOW?

     Here's a simple technique that I use every time I notice my thoughts are racing around in a whirlwind:

While standing, place your feet about shoulder's width apart pointing straight forward.  Now here's where the magic happens.  Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and let it out, drop your jaw into a soft, relaxed position.  Now....imagine what it would feel like if your knees were soft and relaxed.  And now feel your knees become soft, and notice your perception, your problems, your thoughts melt away.   You have dropped down from the thinking mind into a feeling place, the Heart. 
     You can do this sitting down, too.  Every time you observe the mind thinking obsessively, that's the ego at work.  Remember, "drop down" into your Heart Zone.  No thoughts, no-body, and no-thing is happening when we are Being.
     ~ Blessings.

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